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How to create a blog

if you want to create a blog for free then you are at right place i will tell you how to create a free wordpress blog.This is not a method to create a blog like,this is a method to create a blog like you can put your advertisement in your blog.My blog also was with the name of its very easy that how to create a blog. Then  choose the Name server option after clicking Name server it will ask you for two or more name server.then wait i will tell you how to get nameserver.
2. Now go to
and register there a account with a domain which you created in
3. 000webhost will give you two name server
a.           b.

Put theses two name server in setup of and click on setup. now you have almost done of  how to create a blog process,now you have to wait 24 hours.
And now you have a domain and want to install wordpress in it.

There are few simple step for how to create a blog

1.Goto and download wordpress in zip format.
2.Download Filezilla and open put host name like and username like a5645698 and your password.
3.Goto public_html and upload your all wordpress files in it.
4.Now login in and goto Mysql and create a database.
complete database name and username like this a5645698_writesomthing and remember this name and password and hostname.
5.Now Goto filemanger open a file wp-config-sample.php and fill your mysql information.
6.Now login in wordpress go to
Now your all process of  how to create a blog has been done.
and if you didn't understand clearly that how to create a blog then comment below

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